An intelligent whistleblowing system that shapes your company’s core values

Reportall is used by companies, schools and universities worldwide uncovering any kind of compliance-related misconduct while keeping the reputation of your organization safe.

More than just a whistleblowing solution.

Reportall whistleblowing platform has all the features and integrations you need to protect your people and organization. The powerful platform that uses cutting-edge technologies to improve compliance and business performance.
Whistleblowing Platform

Easy to use

Designed to be user-friendly, the platform allows users to quickly and easily complete a report, following step-by-step instructions.


Built with the highest security standards, Reportall keeps organisational and whistleblower data confidential and safe.


Configured to meet all legal requirements, the system complies with all applicable legal frameworks, covering a big range of the market needs.

Get to know Reportall

Use Reportall platform to provide your organization with an intelligent reporting system by safely managing non-compliance, misconduct and illegal activities.

The real proactive compliance tool that fosters integrity, empowers people and makes the workplace safer and ethically active.

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HR agencies

Help your customers to enable excellence and create more ethical workplaces with an “all-in-one” solution for their needs.

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Audit companies and consultants

Investigate all matters quickly and confidentially whilst offering boards independent and objective advice, support and assurance.

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Law firms

Represent your clients by offering a platform that guarantees an established record of success in whistleblowing claims, and provide them advice on how to protect their job and anonymity.

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