Main Features

Reportall platform is packed with features to help users build and sustain a compliant and effective whistleblowing system.

The whistleblowing software is designed to fit the needs of organizations with more than 50 employees and used internationally.

whistleblowing software

  Full Anonymity

Guarantees complete anonymity and protection of sensitive data to all whistleblowers reporting breaches of EU law.

  Customer Support

We provide implementation, training and technical support to ensure all your enquiries are resolved in a timely manner.

  Identity Protection

High data security measures such as 2 layers of encryption and TLS-secured communication protect the whistleblower’s anonymity and guarantee a secure conversation.


Configured and integrated for companies, schools, universities, law firms, audit companies, consultancies, and public authorities.


Different languages (EN/GR) supported through a multi-Language API development environment for a unique and personalized experience.


The administrator receives a notification through email, logs in the case management system to receive the new message and takes action.

  Reports Management & Log

Overview and in-depth analysis of data, alerts, status and performance indicators through charts and graphs.


Whistleblowers are able to securely attach a variety of files in support of their case.

  Follow-up Communication

Users are able to anonymously monitor the status of their reports and/or communicate with the compliance officer.


Fully compliant with all major whistleblowing, data privacy laws and regulations, ISO 27001 and GDPR.


Builds Trust

The trust and security features of the platform facilitate trust among employees, providing the necessary infrastructure for more efficient operations inside the organization.

Minimizes Risks & Costs

The internal risk management mechanism manages risks of misconduct that would have severe repercussions for the organization.

Reinforces the Compliance Policies

Enhances internal policies, protects the code of conduct and complies with all regulations applying to whistleblowing institution.

Leverages your Data

The centralized data mechanisms of the platform allow users to securely create multidimensional reporting dashboards.

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