Why Reportall?

Many companies and organizations need to establish secure and anonymous whistleblowing reporting channels due to the latest EU Directive to reduce risks, handle sensitive information and personal data in a credible way.

Reportall is an efficient whistleblowing system that creates trust at reporting irregularities and uncovering cases of misconduct.

whistleblowing system

How it works

Blowing the whistle through anonymous, confidential or full disclosure reporting, Reportall is an online, easy-to-use tool for both compliance officers and whistleblowers.


The whistleblower submits suspected wrongdoing anonymously, or openly answering a questionnaire through the reporting channel of Reportall platform.


The compliance officer is notified by email and securely logs in to the platform to review the case.


The compliance officer investigates the case and if necessary communicates with the whistleblower requesting additional information.


Reportall provides a series of descriptive analytics clustering cases based on nature, impact, progress etc.

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